"We'd be nothing if not for The One." -Ancient Prayer
The One is the head deity of Myrin, he has control over all things in every plane of existence. He has no physical form, and is not known to have any Avatars in the mortal plane. All gods answer to him, and he is all powerful. No matter what culture one is in, some form of The One is worshiped.

Origin Edit

Nobody knows how The One came to be. Common theories suggest that he has either always been, or there are far more powerful beings that had created him. Most theories agree that The One created the world out of boredom, and created all life so that he could be entertained.

Creation of The First World Edit

Soon after The One came into existance, he created a world. Inhabiting this new world were beings he called 'Gods' who were immortal and powerful. Too powerful. Soon the Gods learned that if they killed another, they would absorb their power. The Gods soon went to war, not seven years after they were created. This became known as the Gods War, and lasted for a long time. Eventually, twelve of these Gods became extremely powerful. These would go on to be known as The Twelve. Many other gods survived the war, but were unable to get as vast power as The Twelve.

The End of The God War/Creation of New World Edit

The One had had enough bloodshed. He forced all the remaining gods into their own planes, where they were trapped for the remainder of time. The One had put them in charge of major aspects, and that is what they have controlled since. The Twelve were as follows:

  • God of Chaos
  • God of Leisure
  • God of War (Calld Mrnk by Orcs)
  • God of Justice
  • God of Elements
  • God of Emotion
  • God of the Void
  • \God of the Hunt
  • God of Chance
  • God of Plague
  • God of Fortune
  • The Worldeater.

Their names were lost to time, and they were now only known by their duties. They each got control of certain aspects of the new world The One had started to create. This time, The One decided to make a weaker race. Nobody knows what they called themselves, they are now known as The Precursors. They worshiped the Gods, calling them The Twelve and The One.

Power Edit

The One is allmighty, having control over everything in both the mortal plane and the planes of the Gods. He can create life, and take it away. No God dares challenge his power. He is depicted as a heavenly light, often shining where the people need him.

Trivia Edit

The One is the depiction of the creator of Tales of Neriantha, Luke Nullet. He has control over everything, just as the author does.