"Everything we are, we owe to them. Best ya pay respect." - Anonymous
The Precursors were the first race to be made on the Second World, and the ancestors of (most) Myrin races. They were created in the aftermath of the Gods War by The One.

Life Edit

Culture Edit

Not much is known of Precursor culture, but it is clear that they were unworldly architects, being able to make intricate tunnels and buildings that rival even most modern cities. They also had an affinity for the arts, having magnificent paintings adorn the walls of their buildings.

Appearance Edit

Even with all their art, there is no defined appearance for the race. Most scholars depict them as tall, bipedal humanoids that contain features from all the modern day races. Features which many lose depending on environment. Precursors had five fingers, as proven by several hand prints within the tunnels.

History Edit

After the Gods were locked away, The One made a weaker, more adaptable race. Though their name is lost to time, most of their structures still exist around and under Neriantha. Most of their history is lost to time, and their language is unknown. Many scholars believe they were far more advanced than the modern day peoples, but they have no explanation for what happened for us to degrade over all this time.

The first city, Algerban, was believed to be made by the precursors themselves. The city is extravagant, being a shining jewel in Neriantha. Most of the people wish they could see it with their own eyes, but not many have the chance. For transit, the Precursors made an excessive tunnel system that ran all across Neriantha. These tunnels still exist to this day, but not many are brave enough to face what the Precursors can not keep contained anymore. Foul beasts now make these tunnels their home, though they fear the light, light is never permanent.

The Precursors eventually migrated out of their cities, going across the continent and changing depending on the environment. This created the races as we know them today, save the Orcs and the races to the South. The most ambitious of the Precursors went to the coasts, and would soon be known as Humans. More greed-filled Precursors sought the resources of the Ruby Mountains, and would become what we know as Dwarves. More of the laid-back precursors sought the rivers and the forests, and practiced magicks to become what is now Elves. Others sought religious enlightenment in the Desert, but by some unknown reason came to look like Devils. These are the Tieflings. Several Precursors built boats and sailed to other lands. This is believed to have been the ancient Gesu, but future knowledge would teach scholars that these went on to be Dragonborn.