Myrin, otherwise known as The Mortal Plane, is the home of all the mortal races of the Planes, and the world in which Tales of Neriantha takes place. It is much like the Earth, with three continents all separated by water: Neriantha, Drakka, and Gnishan.

Geography Edit

Neriantha Edit

Neriantha is the most diverse of the three continents, consisting of everything from swamp, plains, forests, jungle, desert, tundra, mountains, rivers, and much more. Neriantha is rich with resources, and has caused the Precursor-Born races to thrive and survive throughout their time in the area.

Arfrokia Edit

The home of the Arfrok is a large, frozen tundra. It is no wonder the Arfrok became so large and hairy to survive, as the mighty cold can kill most lesser races. The most prominent resource in this area is lumber.

Gesu Edit

Gesu is a lush, vibrant jungle. Most of the creatures that evolved in this area evolved to be odd and dangerous...including the Gesu themselves. The most prominent resources are lumber and gold.

Breetu Edit

Mostly lush plains and forest, Breetu is a mostly calm area (When it isn't at war) and one of the most populated. It is home to thousands of farms, causing the most prominent resource to be crops.

Orc Territories Edit

The Orc Territories are a lifeless desert, or they would be if the Orcs weren't experts at surviving. Not much resource wealth exists in the area, but water is a precious commodity for the people of this area.

Nyavale Edit

The largest continuous forest in Neriantha, Nyavale is the home of the elves. Not many outsiders are aware of what lies inside the woods, as the elves have many protective barriers keeping the area safe.

Ruby Mountains Edit

The Ruby Mountains are, as the name suggests, a large mountain chain in the center of Neriantha. It is the home of the Dwarves and filled to the brim with material resources. Gold, Copper, Iron, anything. There is also tundra on the outskirts of the mountains, and the Orc Territories to the South.

Varkun Edit

A harsh, unlivable swamp. No race is native to it, but Dragons amass there for some unknown reason. The swamp is completely flat and has no resources that aren't poisonous, venomous, or wanting to kill trespassers...or some combination of the three.

Nikisi Edit

Mainland Nikisi is mostly farmland on plains, and rich with cattle and crops. Island Nikisi is much the same, but fishing drives most of the economy there.

Drakka Edit

A drastic contrast from Neriantha, the island continent of Drakka is a volcanic wasteland. Large volcanoes, believed to have created the island, dot the landscape. 90% of these volcanoes are active. This harsh environment is home for the Dragonborn, an equally harsh species.

Gnishan Edit

Not much is known of the continent to the south, but rumors suggest that it is a hellish wasteland after centuries of war. It is believed to be uninhabitable, but there are stories suggesting that evil beasts reside within.

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