Diets are what each species eats, whether they be carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore.

Dinner Parties Edit

  • Arfroki Human: Seafood. Lots of it. Fish, eel, shark, whale, and even squid. If they can catch it, they'll eat it. You may have to arm wrestle for seconds. Don't hesitate to shout.
  • Nikisi Human: Mostly grass-fed cattle and bread if you're on the mainland. Elegant sushi if you're in the islands. Try to be on your best behavior either way, the Nikisi prefer a quiet dinner.
  • Breetun Human: Steak, lots of it. Not even good steak, but there's plenty of it. Just make sure you -don't- insult it. You -will- be kicked out. Nobody likes a party pooper.
  • Orc: With the Orcs, you'll have a great feast of bear, wolf, and rhino. They like meat that fights back, even if it doesn't taste good. Try to cheer when somebody gets killed in a one on one fight, those tend to happen. And hey, if you kill someone yourself you might get dessert.
  • Dwarves: I hope you like ale and bread, because that's all they'll eat. This ain't your boring human ale either. This stuff'll knock a dragon out. Of course, if you do pass out you risk being tossed into the mining elevator as a prank. Most often that'll lead to you waking up miles below ground. Have fun.
  • Elf: 100% vegetarian meal. And not even the kind that'll pass for real meat. Odds are you'll get a twig and be expected to eat it. And they -will- want you to eat every bite. Don't leave any leftovers. But hey, the wine is phenomenal.
  • Gesu: The Gesu will have a finely prepared three course meal of mostly vegetables, with a strong finale of the meat from one of their herding animals. Likely a triceratops. They don't necessarily care about how you act, so long as you keep mostly to yourself and you offer to split the bill. That last bit applies to all Gesu at the table....It gets a bit frantic.
  • Nekin: Being carnivores, the Nekin will have a likely seafood based spread waiting for you. Only water as a drink. You'll be expected to let the elders eat first, then you may start. Don't ask for any vegetable or plant-based condiment. They really don't like messing with nature and you'll probably suffer for that.
  • Tiefling: Another carnivore, but this one primarily eats cattle. They're very fond of veal. Expect gambling and other shady activities to go around the table. You should probably participate in at least one so they don't think you're a weirdo.
  • Wendigo: That might be your friend. Or you. So long as you eat with them everything should be okay. Should. Odds are you'll end up becoming one of them, however.