"There can be no destruction without creation. No death without life." - Ancient Nikisi Proverb
Before time began, there was The One. Nobody knows his true name, only that he is the oldest entity in all planes. He created a world, of which he called Myrin. He inhabited this world with his immortal children, which he called Gods. The Gods lived in peace for millennia, exploring their world and living amongst each other. That is, until the Gods learned they could slay one another. Immortals could kill other immortals, and once they did, they would absorb their essence. Thus, the Gods War began.

The war was brutal, killing a majority of the gods. It didn't seem to have an end, until The One put a stop to it all. He froze each of the remaining gods in place, and created a plane for each of them. Only twelve powerful gods remained, and hundreds of weaker ones. The One decided he would try again, this time with a new race. Their name is lost to time, but to us they are known as the Precursors. All life comes from them, all beings are their descendants.

Aftermath Edit

The Precursors did not stay in one place for long, and soon spread out amongst their world. The most ambitious went off to the coasts, and soon evolved to be Humanity. Those filled with greed went to the hills, and soon evolved to be Dwarves. Others followed the rivers, and practiced magicks, they became the Elves. However, one of the Gods decided to make their own race in his own image. He created the Orcs, ugly and strong. The races did not get along at times, and have been in varying states of war and peace throughout the ages. Other races soon arrived, and soon they began to worship The Twelve and The One.